Roman villa at East Coker

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The mosaic with two hunters

The Roman villa at East Coker is a former Roman villa at the time of the Roman province of Britannia prima in the area of ​​today's East Coker , a parish in the district of South Somerset , England .

The remains of the Roman villa were found as early as 1753. The building contained rooms with hypocausts , some of which were even decorated with mosaics . During the first excavations, which were insufficiently documented, a geometric mosaic was found. Further excavations took place in 1818 or 1820, during which a figural mosaic was found. It shows two hunters who have just returned from the hunt. The mosaic was damaged when it was lifted from the site. The mosaic that can be seen today in the Taunton Museum has been partially restored. It may come from a workshop in Durnovaria ( Dorchester ) known as the Durnovarian Group . A statue of the god Mars found at the villa may have once belonged to the house shrine.

The villa is one of a number of richly appointed villas in the vicinity of the Roman city of Lindinis ( Ilchester ).

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Coordinates: 50 ° 55 ′ 18 "  N , 2 ° 38 ′ 50"  W.