Rapala knot

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Rapala knot
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Type Mooring lines
application Bait / hook on fishing line
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English Non-slip mono loop knot, leader loop knot
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The Rapala knot is a fishing knot , which is often used for attaching wobblers . The loop is non-slip and is suitable for all types of cord up to 0.50 mm in diameter. As a "loop knot" it can be used in other areas.

Names and history

The inventor of the wobbler , Lauri Rapala , was the first to attach his artificial bait with this knot . The wobbler manufacturer Rapala , founded by the inventor, ensured the spread of the Rapala knot with its recommendation.


The tying of the Rapala knot is relatively easy to do.

After an overhand knot , the end of the line is pushed through the wobbler eyelet and then passed through the back of the overhand knot. Then there are three windings ( round turns ) around the main line. The end of the cord is now put through the overhand knot in the same direction as before and passed through the resulting large eye (above the windings). Moistening the cord makes it easier to tighten the knot. The excess cord is cut off at the end.


  • The clinch knot is passed twice through the eyelet and then tied around the main line with round turns.

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