Raul Geisler

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Raul Geisler (* 1970 ) is a German composer and music producer who works primarily for advertising.


Raul Geisler began his music career at Humanimal Bunch , where he worked as a keyboardist from 1989 to 1992 . With the band he released an album ( Cannibal Lunch ). In 1992 he founded his first own recording studio as a composer and music producer for advertising music. A techno label followed three years later - Acid Test Recordings . John Grand, one of his synonyms , founded his second recording studio in 1999, RGM Studios in Frankfurt am Main . In 2002 Raul Geisler received the gold record for compositions (for Melanie Thornton ). He has worked with the following artists, among others: Daniel Wirtz, Schönherz & Fleer, Max Mutzke, Saga, Melanie Thornton, Benjamin Boyce, Nadja Benaissa, Rinderwahnsinn, Kai Tracid and many more. He has been running the Playroom Studios in Frankfurt am Main since 2014.


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