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The Regens ( participle from Latin regere , "to lead", pl. Regents ) is the head of an episcopal seminary in the Catholic Church , especially the seminary of a diocese . The Regens presides over the life and training community of the seminarians and regulates all external questions of the seminar. He is sometimes referred to as a superior ("headmaster").

The name Regens is probably derived from the fact that in the universities of the late Middle Ages the students usually lived in Bursen or Regentien , where a large part of their lectures also took place. The head of a Regentie, who was responsible for the organization and discipline, was known as Magister regens, or Regens for short .

The diocesan bishop responsible for the seminary calls the rain, who is accountable to the bishop. The rain of a seminary is always a priest .


In addition to managing the economic, personnel and organizational matters of the seminary, his tasks include the disciplinary management of the institution and the assessment of candidates for priesthood with a view to their admission to ordination . This includes, in particular, discussions with the seminarians about the progress of their studies and their personal situation. To support him in his tasks, a sub-rain can stand by his side, which is subordinate to him and is also called and installed by the bishop.

In addition to the rain, each seminary has a spiritual , also a priest assigned by the diocesan bishop to train the candidates for the priesthood, who is only responsible for the spiritual accompaniment of the candidates and is not allowed to perform any leadership tasks. The division of tasks between Regens (disciplinary leadership, forum externum ) and Spiritual (spiritual leadership and confession , forum internum ) is strictly handled in order to guarantee the absolute trust between the seminarians and their spiritual director.

In dioceses without their own seminary (such as in the diocese of St. Gallen ), the Regens is responsible for accompanying theology students in their own diocese. He organizes student get-togethers at which contact between the students and with the diocese leadership can be maintained. The Regens also visits “his” students at the various study locations and training places.

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