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Government building supervisor , until 1918 often royal government building supervisor or grand ducal government building supervisor, etc., was a term for trainee lawyers in the state building administration in Prussia and various other German states.

This title was held by architects and civil engineers in various fields ( building construction , civil engineering , road and rail construction , hydraulic engineering ), but also shipbuilding or mechanical engineering engineers who completed a traineeship after completing their studies in preparation for a civil servant career in the higher state civil engineering service .

Candidates had to apply to the Prussian Ministry of Public Works in Berlin (or the corresponding authority in other countries) within six months of completing their university studies and take a first state examination, which was later replaced by the main diploma examination at a technical university .

The government building supervisor or trainee lawyer received no salary. The training period in the state construction service lasted at least three years. Mechanical engineers were expected to do an internship (trainee year ) before starting their training . This shortened her legal clerkship to at least two years and three months.

After completion of the training was followed by the second state examination , after its passing the candidate as Assessor title Regierungsbaumeister allowed to lead.

Many government building managers were organized in associations, including z. B. the Association of Royal Government Builders “Atrium” in Berlin.


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