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RegioTriRhena is the name for a European region , i.e. a transnational living and economic area , on the southern Upper Rhine . It covers areas in France, Germany and Switzerland in the area around the cities of Colmar , Mulhouse , Freiburg im Breisgau , Lörrach , Basel and Liestal . These areas are Southern Baden , Northwestern Switzerland and Upper Alsace , together an area of ​​around 8,700 km². Around 2.3 million people live in the RegioTriRhena, over a million of whom are employed. The geographical area has a common history stretching over several centuries, which can still be seen today in language, architecture and culture. The RegioTriRhena is part of the Upper Rhine Conference . RegioTriRhena has already initiated projects in the fields of culture (regional and local cultural history, museum funding), tourism, youth and sport, education, communication, transport and the EuroAirport , spatial planning, the environment, trade fairs and congresses, and business.

RegioTriRhena Council

The RegioTriRhena Council serves as a platform for cooperation, which takes place primarily at the level of local politics . Cities, municipalities, regional authorities , business organizations, universities, associations and clubs from the region are members of the RegioTriRhena Council . It was founded in 1995 by the three associations Regio Basiliensis , Regio du Haut-Rhin and RegioGesellschaft Schwarzwald-Oberrhein . In 2003 it was re-established as an association under German law. The purpose of the association is to bundle and intensify forces for regional and cross-border cooperation .

The three countries each send up to 25 members to the council, who are also the sponsors and financiers of its activities. The organs of the RegioTriRhena Council are the general assembly (twice a year), the entire board (15 members, five from each country) and the three-member presidium (one president, two vice-presidents), which is elected for two years. The managing directors of the three regional companies and the council secretary take on the management of RegioTriRhena.

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