Division of the kingdom of Prüm

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The Prümer division 855: Empire of Lothar II. Empire of Ludwig II. Empire of Ludwig of the German Empire of Charles II, the Bald Empire of Charles of Provence

In the year 843 the Franconian Empire was divided into three parts by the Treaty of Verdun : Emperor Lothar I was awarded the Middle Empire Lotharii Regnum . But he did not succeed in stabilizing his empire.

Already seriously ill, Lothar I divided his empire among his sons on September 19, 855 in the division of Prüm in Hofgut Schüller ( Sconilare ):

After the abdication , he retired to Prüm Abbey in the Eifel, where he died and was buried a few days later, on September 29, 855.

After Charles died childless in 863, the northern, smaller part of Burgundy fell to the eastern empire of Louis the German , the southern, larger part of Burgundy and Provence to the Italy of Ludwig II and, after his death in 875, to the western empire of Charles the Bald .

After Lothar II's death in 869, the former Middle Kingdom was redistributed in the Treaty of Meerssen in 870 : The East Frankish King Ludwig the German , uncle Lothar II and middle brother Lothar I, received the eastern part of Lotharingia, the West Franconian King Charles the Bald , Half-uncle of Lothar II and half-brother of Lothar I, the western part.

Division of the kingdom of Prüm: Lothar I arranges the division of his kingdom among his sons. (Engraving 1698)

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