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Reizianum (also Reizianus ) is in the Verslehre a Greek Kurzvers which a acephalous 2. pherecratean corresponds. The metric scheme is therefore:


He was named in honor of his teacher Friedrich Wolfgang Reiz by Gottfried Hermann and appears in Greek poetry (often with Pindar ) and in drama.

The variant-rich, usually three breve and two longa form, known as the Reizian colon , appears in Latin poetry primarily as a clause in the Cantica des Plautus . The basic form is:

- × - .

In metric formula notation , the colon is withr cabbreviated. With the iambic dimeter in front , the colon forms the Reizianic verse ( versus Reizianus ; abbreviatedr v):

—◡ — ˌ —◡— ‖  - × -


Individual evidence

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