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Republic Pictures was an American independent film production company. It was founded on March 29, 1935 by Herbert Yates ; it was formed from a merger of Mascot Pictures Corporation , Monogram Pictures , Liberty Pictures , Chesterfield Pictures and Invincible Pictures.

Of the small Hollywood film studios, Republic was one of the longest-running and most successful. In the majority, adventurous materials, including numerous westerns, were produced. Often they were B-films that were produced cheaply , but Republic also made some films that became part of film history. They co-produced many of John Ford's films and worked with directors such as Orson Welles ( Macbeth - The Kingslayer ), Fritz Lang ( The Death House on the River ) and Nicholas Ray ( Johnny Guitar - When Women Hate) together. The company fell in 1959 to industrialist Victor M. Carter , who stopped film production.

The Studio Sound Department (Republic SSD) was nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Sound in 1936 with the film 1,000 Dollars a Minute . In addition, Alberto Colombo , who belongs to the Studio Music Department (Republic SMD), was nominated in 1938 in the category of best film music for the film Portia on Trial .

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