Riddle Islands

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Riddle Islands
Waters Grandidier Canal
Geographical location 65 ° 39 ′  S , 64 ° 33 ′  W Coordinates: 65 ° 39 ′  S , 64 ° 33 ′  W
Riddle Islands (Antarctic Peninsula)
Riddle Islands

The Riddle Islands (English for puzzles Islands are) a group of islands off the Graham Coast of Graham Lands on the Antarctic Peninsula . In the Grandidier Channel , the islands are located in front of the southwestern end of Chavez Island and thus in front of the entrance to Bigo Bay .

Participants in the British Graham Land Expedition (1934–1937) led by British polar explorer John Rymill mapped it for the first time. The UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee named them in 1957 after the fact that the islands under the icebergs frozen in the surrounding sea ​​ice are difficult to identify.

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