Unteressa manor

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The Unteressa manor is a monument in the Unteressa district of the town of Teuchern in the Burgenland district in Saxony-Anhalt . It is on the list of cultural monuments in Teuchern under number 094 97704 .

Geographical location

The Unteressa manor is centrally located at Dorfstrasse 1 in Unternessa.


The complex of the Unternessa manor arose from a small manor and an outbuilding, which originally belonged to the manor in the town of Teuchern and then to the manor Wernsdorf. Both feudal estates had different owners until 1670/72 and were united in one hand under the von Beringen family and then remained united as a manor complex.

Fabian von Schmertzing from the Saxon noble family of the same name is one of the earliest verifiable owners of the Unternessa manor . He sold the estate in 1575 to Davidt von Wahren. The manor remained in the possession of the von Wahren family until 1596, when it became the property of the Rotha, who sold it in 1672 to a representative of the von Behringen family.

The Unteresse Vorwerk, on the other hand, belonged to the Bünau'schen Rittergut in Teuchern, was then briefly owned by the von Kreitzen or Creutzen family and was acquired in 1598 by the von Berlepsch family, who he sold to the von Zscheplitz family in 1617. From 1631 the Unteressa suburb was tied to the von Neitschütz manor on the neighboring Wernsdorf until it was acquired by the Polish nobleman von Patzkowsky. From 1664 to 1670 the Vorwerk was owned by the Becker family, and in 1670 the von Behringen bought it.

The marshals of Altengottern and the Lysthenius, Langen von Langenthal and Stromer families were also owners of the Unternessa manor, which was now united with the Vorwerk . In 1685 the manor was bought by the Hanfmuß family , who owned it until 1718. In the 18th and 19th centuries there were frequent changes of ownership. The most prominent owners included representatives of the von Helldorff family and Freiherr von Seckendorff .

Like all manors with a property of over 100 hectares, the Unteressa manor was expropriated by the decisions of the land reform in the Soviet zone of occupation in September 1945.

Say of the white woman

The legend of the white woman who moved to the manor in 1841 is still told in Nessa.

Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 51 ° 8 ′ 52.7 "  N , 12 ° 0 ′ 53.5"  E