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Ritzensee, autumn 2004
Geographical location Salzburger Land , Austria
Location close to the shore Saalfelden
Coordinates 47 ° 25 '7 "  N , 12 ° 50' 49"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 25 '7 "  N , 12 ° 50' 49"  E
Ritzensee (State of Salzburg)
Altitude above sea level 757  m above sea level A.
surface 5.8 ha
length 350 m
width 300 m
Maximum depth 4 m


artificial swimming lake

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The Ritzensee is an artificially created lake in Saalfelden in the Austrian state of Salzburg .


A moor landscape and acidic meadows originally shaped this area before the lake was created in 1954 with the embankment of a dam .

The name was given this lake from Ritzen Castle , one of the four locks Saalfelden , which still in today bank stands.

Feeding and water quality

Due to its shallow depth, the water heats up very quickly in the summer months and reaches temperatures of up to 27 ° C. Therefore, the Ritzensee became a very popular bathing lake .

This moor lake, which is a maximum of four meters deep, is fed by a few sources in the ground and two not very productive, small streams . When the rehabilitation center of the workers' pension insurance institution (today: special pension insurance institution) was built in 1979/80 , artesian wells were struck during the excavation work , and it was feared that this would affect the groundwater level and thus the water level and water quality of the Ritzensee could deteriorate dramatically. For this reason, parts of these springs were collected and are still fed to the Ritzensee via a pipeline. This water discharge represents the essential fresh water supply of this bathing and fish lake today.

Since this lake emerged from a bog, islands keep growing out. Since the beginning of the 1990s, attempts have been made several times to master these island formations with great material expenditure - with rather modest successes.

Function as a bathing lake

The Ritzensee is the local recreation area for the people of Saalfelden. Several walking paths lead more or less close to the lake.

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