Sukhoi Su-47

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Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut
The Berkut shortly after the start
The Berkut at the MAKS 2001 Airshow
Type: Prototype of an air superiority fighter
Design country:

RussiaRussia Russia



First flight:

September 25, 1997


Never put into service

Production time:

Was never mass-produced

Number of pieces:

2 (+1 airworthy)

The Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut ( Russian Сухой Су-47 Беркут , German  Golden Eagle , NATO code name : Firkin ) is an experimental aircraft for a highly maneuverable air superiority fighter for the Russian air force . The machine initially had the designation S-37 in the factory and is based on the Suchoi Su-27 .


The project began in the 1970s under the designation I-90 and resulted in the experimental projects S-37 from Sukhoi and MiG 1.44 from Mikojan-Gurevich . From the S-37, the Su-47 with negative swept wings, similar to the American Grumman X-29 , emerged.

The advantage of the negative sweep of the wings is better maneuverability, higher possible angles of attack due to greater lift and a low demolition speed. The problem of high torsional forces is countered by using composite materials .

On September 25, 1997, the S-37, which was often incorrectly referred to as the Su-37 or S-47, took off for its maiden flight. It was equipped with the series Solowjew D-30F-6 engines of the MiG-31 and later, in series production, was to receive better engines with thrust vector control . The engine inlets are noticeably large and are supplemented by additional side inlets on the fuselage. A rear-facing radar and a catch hook are installed at the stern .

In 2001 the aircraft received the official designation Su-47. Experience with the Su-47 was used in the development of the Sukhoi Su-57 .

At the MAKS Airshow 2001, the Su-47 was shown to the public in flight. At the MAKS Airshow 2019, the Su-47 was exhibited in the Static Display, giving the general public the opportunity to see the machine up close for the first time.

Technical specifications

Top view
Sukhoi Su-47 at MAKS 2019
Parameter Data
length 22.60 m
span 15.16 m
height 6.30 m
Wing area 61.87 m²
Wing extension 3.71
Wing loading
  • minimum (empty weight): 265 kg / m²
  • maximum (max. takeoff weight): 550 kg / m²
Empty mass 16,375 kg
Max. Takeoff mass approx. 34,000 kg
Top speed
  • Mach 2.1 or 2.230 km / h (at optimal altitude)
  • Mach 1.31 or 1,618 km / h (at sea level)
Service ceiling approx. 18,000 m
Rate of climb 233 m / s
Range approx. 3,300 km
Engine two turbofan engines Solovyov D-30 F-6
  • with afterburner: 2 × 152.06 kN
  • without afterburner: 2 × 93.19 kN
Thrust-to-weight ratio
  • maximum (empty weight): 1.87
  • minimum (max. takeoff weight): 0.9
Armament a 30 mm automatic cannon GSch-301 with 150 rounds

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