Sukhoi Su-6

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Sukhoi Su-6
Type: Attack aircraft
Design country:

Soviet Union 1923Soviet Union Soviet Union


OKB Sukhoi

First flight:

March 1, 1941

The Sukhoi Su-6 ( Russian Сухой Су-6 ) developed by the Experimental Design Bureau (OKB) Sukhoi was a Soviet attack aircraft from the time of the Second World War . It was executed parallel to the Il-2 , but did not go into series production in favor of this.


After evaluating the experience with the SchB attack aircraft prototype of the Su-2 , the conception began in 1940 and a year later the first SA model was completed, which was still designed as a single-seater. As the example of the Il-2 had shown in the meantime that single-seat attack aircraft were very vulnerable to enemy fighters, the redesign to a two-seat S2A with rear-facing gunner's seat took place in 1942 . Although the performance of this type exceeded that of the Il-2M-3 with the exception of the bomb load, the Su-6 did not go into series production because of the Il-2 production that had already started. In this extremely difficult phase of the Second World War, the Soviet Union could not afford any production losses due to a production changeover, and the armor protection of the Il-2 was rated as better. In 1943 a prototype with the in-line engine AM-42 with 2000 HP developed by Alexander Mikulin was tested, but was also not put into series production.

Technical specifications

Parameter Data (Suchoi SA) Data (Suchoi S2A) Data (Su-6, 1943)
Conception Single-engine attack aircraft
Manufacturer Sukhoi
Year of construction (s) 1941 1942 1943
span 13.50 m
length 9.10 m 9.24 m 9.50 m
Wing area 26.00 m² 28.00 m²
Empty mass 3727 m 4137 kg 4370 kg
Takeoff mass 5250 kg 5534 kg 6200 kg
Wing loading 250 kg / m² 221.4 kg / m²
Power load 2.9 kg / hp
drive an air-cooled 18-cylinder double radial engine a liquid-cooled 12-cylinder V-engine
Type Schwezow ASch-71 Schwezow ASch-71F Mikulin AM-42
Starting power 1,470 kW (1,999 hp) 1,618 kW (2,200 hp) 1,470 kW (approx. 2,000 PS)
Top speed 527 km / h at 2500 m 514 km / h at 3850 m 520 km / h at 2500 m
Rate of climb 7.3 min at 3000 m altitude 10.6 min at 5000 m altitude 8.5 minutes at an altitude of 2500 m
Service ceiling 8000 m 8100 m 8000 m
Range 576 km 970 km 800 km
crew 1 (pilot) 2 (pilot / gunner)
Armament two 37 mm MK
two 12.7 mm machine guns in the wings
a rearward-facing movable 12.7 mm machine gun
400 kg bomb load or ten missile rounds RS-82 / RS-132


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