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Rolf Übel (* 1956 in Landau in the Palatinate ) is a German historian .


Rolf Übel graduated from the Max Slevogt Gymnasium in Landau in the Palatinate and then studied history at the University of Mainz and the University of Koblenz-Landau .

As a historical author, he mainly deals with topics from the Middle Ages , the history of witch hunts as well as with questions of war, castle and fortress history. The regional focus of his work is the Palatinate . He works as an archivist for the Palatinate cities of Annweiler am Trifels and Bad Bergzabern . Rolf Übel is involved in historical projects such as the Museum Bauernkriegshaus in Nussdorf (Landau) .

For the Institute for Palatinate History and Folklore in Kaiserslautern , he is co-editor of the “Palatinate Castle Lexicon”, in which all fortifications in the Palatinate are to be systematically recorded and described.

In addition to other specialist literature, Rolf Übel and Klaus Beck have recently written children's and youth books about castles in the South Palatinate (Neuscharfeneck [2009]; Trifels [2010]; Schlössel, Heidenschuh, Landeck [2015]).


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