Rollet Island

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Rollet Island
Waters Southern ocean
Archipelago Dannebrog Islands in the Wilhelm Archipelago
Geographical location 65 ° 3 ′  S , 64 ° 2 ′  W Coordinates: 65 ° 3 ′  S , 64 ° 2 ′  W
Rollet Island (Antarctic Peninsula)
Rollet Island
Residents uninhabited

The Rollet Island ( French Île Rollet de l'Isle , in Chile Isla Montaner ) is a small island in the Wilhelm Archipelago west of the Antarctic Peninsula . In the Dannebrog Islands group , it is 1.5 km north of the northwestern part of Booth Island .

Participants of the Fourth French Antarctic Expedition (1903-1905) under the direction of polar explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot mapped them. Charcot named it after the French hydrographer Charles Dominique Maurice Rollet de l'Isle (1859–1943). The namesake of the Chilean name is the hydrographer Ricardo Montaner Sepúlveda, participant in the 25th Chilean Antarctic Expedition (1970–1971).

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