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General information
Genre (s) Indie pop
founding 1998
resolution 2008 (?)
Last occupation
Kalle Grahm
Per Larsson
Johan Lindwall
Mats Lundquist
Tommy Dannefjord
former members
Styrbjorn Ekman

Ronderlin was a Swedish indie pop band from Gothenburg .

Band history

In the mid-90s, Kalle Grahm, Johan Lindwall and Styrbjorn Ekman moved from Eksjö , a small town in Småland , to Gothenburg to start a new band. Some time later, Tommy Dannefjord met the two of them. In the spring of 1998 Per Larsson and Mats Lundquist completed the band and Ronderlin was formed. In the following two years, the band initially concentrated on composing their own songs and also gave a few concerts. At the end of the summer of 2000 Ronderlin recorded a demo tape in the Nacksving Studio in Gothenburg, which featured early versions of Everything's Just Fine , Wave Another Day Goodbye , Reflected and Summer Likes The Wind , all of which later appeared on their first album. They sent the demo to various record labels, radio stations and fanzines and received a lot of attention, so that finally the label Labrador Records noticed the band and signed them. In the summer of 2001, the band returned to the Nacksving Studio, this time to record their debut album, which was mixed in the fall of 2001 and spring of 2002. Wave Another Day Goodbye came out in Sweden in autumn 2002, in the USA, the Netherlands, Japan, Spain and other countries, however, only in 2003. At this point Styrbjorn decided to leave the band. Mats Lundquist then took over the bass part and developed into a good instrumentalist. Ronderlin spent the next time in the rehearsal room and worked on new songs. The sound moved in the direction of electronica without giving up the guitar-heavy pop. It was not until the end of 2006, after switching to Tomt Recordings , that Ronderlin released the single Aside / Closed Eyes . In spring 2007 Tomt released the follow-up album The Great Investigation . No further publications or appearances followed.



  • 2002: Wave Another Day Goodbye (Labrador)
  • 2007: The Great Investigation (Tomt)


  • 2006: Aside / Closed Eyes (Tomt)

Compilation Contributions

  • 2002: Reflected - I'd Spend My Day With You (Universal)
  • 2004: Last Night With The Master - Pop Dart Vol. 1 (Sudd.)

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