Rosanova glacier

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Rosanova glacier
location Thurston Island , West Antarctica
length 13 km
Coordinates 73 ° 15 ′  S , 97 ° 55 ′  W Coordinates: 73 ° 15 ′  S , 97 ° 55 ′  W
Rosanova Glacier (Antarctica)
Rosanova glacier
drainage Abbot Ice Shelf

The Rosanova Glacier is an approximately 13 km long glacier on Thurston Island off the Eights coast of the west Antarctic Ellsworthland . It flows north on the King Peninsula to the Abbot Ice Shelf .

The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named him in 2003 after Christine E. Rosanova of the United States Geological Survey , who had evaluated satellite images for geological and glaciological investigations from the early 1990s to 2002 and was one of the pioneers in the determination of glacier flow velocities in this way heard.

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