Red Lake (Imotski)

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Red lake
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Geographical location Split-Dalmatia County , CroatiaCroatiaCroatia 
Location close to the shore Imotski
Coordinates 43 ° 27 '15 "  N , 17 ° 11' 57"  E Coordinates: 43 ° 27 '15 "  N , 17 ° 11' 57"  E
Red Lake (Imotski) (Croatia)
Red Lake (Imotski)
Altitude above sea level 281  m. i. J.
surface 300 m²dep1
Maximum depth 287 m


The water level fluctuates by approx. 50 m

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The Red Lake ( Croatian Crveno jezero ) is one of the largest water-filled collapse dolines in the world. It is located about 1.5 kilometers west of the town of Imotski in Croatia . Its age is estimated to be two million years.


The almost circular lake has a diameter of about 200 meters at the water surface. Its depth is around 287 meters, with the height of the water level fluctuating by 30 to 50 meters depending on the season. The lake owes its name to the reddish color of the rock face, which rises up to 250 meters vertically above the water surface. The water itself is deep blue.

In the summer of 1998 a diving expedition discovered an entrance to a branched cave system with air-filled cavities at a depth of 15 meters, which has a second entrance in the rock wall above the water level and leads to another, albeit much smaller, lake. With the help of a diving robot, a large inflow into the lake was detected at a depth of 170 meters . The expedition also carried out an inventory of the flora and fauna of the Red Lake, including endemic fish.

About one kilometer to the southeast is the Blue Lake ( Modro jezero in Croatian ), another interesting collapse dolphin .


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