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Rufi Osmani (born August 20, 1960 in Čajle , Gostivar , FV Yugoslavia ) is a politician, publicist and economist from Macedonia. He is the founder and since then also the chairman of the National Democratic Revival (RDK).



Rufi Osmani studied at the University of Pristina during his youth and graduated from the Faculty of Economics in 1983. In 1998 he registered for a postgraduate course , which he finished in January 2002 and received a master’s degree in economics.

In January 2005 he was awarded a comparative analysis (original title: Bashkëpunimi i Shqipërisë dhe Maqedonisë me Fondin Monetar Ndërkombëtar dhe Bankën Botërore, një analizë krahasimore ) for his thesis The Cooperation of Albania and Macedonia with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the title of Doktorsë krahasimore awarded.

Beginnings in politics

Rufi Osmani was elected to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia in 1994 as a candidate for the Democratic Prosperity Party (PPD). Two years later he resigned from this post because he ran for the mayor's office in his native town of Gostivar in the local elections and then won. Osmani held this office until April 1998.

Time as a lecturer

Osmani played an important role in the founding of Tetovo University in 1994. He was responsible for finances at this university for a long time and also lectured until 2003. He then moved to the private South East European University , also located in Tetovo , where he worked as a university professor until March 2009 .

Mayor's protest against discrimination

After six months of institutional and democratic resistance to the legalization of the Albanian flag in Macedonia and the subsequent bloody smashing of the demonstration in Gostivar on July 9, 1997, Rufi Osmani was arrested by the Macedonian police. He was sentenced in the first instance at 14 years and in the second at seven years in prison. After about two years, however, he was released on a national amnesty .

Return to politics

In the local elections on March 22 and April 5, 2009, Osmani was elected to the post of mayor of Gostivar for the second time. The vast majority supported him.

On March 6, 2011, Rufi Osmani, who was previously considered an independent politician, founded the National Democratic Rebirth (RDK) with a few other politicians , and has been its chairman since then. In the following parliamentary elections on June 5, 2011, his party won two of the 123 seats.

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