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First edition of the Bozner Wochenblatt on January 7, 1842, later the Bozner Zeitung

The Bozner Zeitung was a German-language newspaper that appeared in Bolzano between 1842 and November 1918, initially weekly, from 1864 daily. The publisher was originally the Josef Eberle'sche Buchhandlung in Bozen.

The name of the newspaper changed several times: from Bozner Wochenblatt (until 1849), Südtirolische Zeitung (until 1850), then again Bozner Wochenblatt (until 1856), Constitutionelle Bozner Zeitung (until 1868) and finally Bozner Zeitung (until it was discontinued in November 1918) . The Bozner Zeitung was the oldest information sheet in German in southern Tyrol and established the tradition of the liberal press in Bozen.

The political orientation of the Bozner Zeitung was emphatically liberal and anti-clerical from the start, and in recent years it has also been partly anti-Semitic .

From 1894, the more moderate Bozner Nachrichten appeared as a competitor to the Bozner Zeitung .

With the defeat of Austria-Hungary in World War I , the Bozner Zeitung came to an end : it was discontinued at the end of October 1918.

From 1919 to 1922 another publication appeared under the name Bozner Zeitung , which, however, was boycotted by the readers due to its close ties to the Italian occupation forces and ceased to appear in 1922.


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