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First edition of the Bozner Nachrichten from January 4, 1894

The Bozner Nachrichten was a German daily newspaper that appeared in Bozen between 1894 and 1925 . The political orientation of the newspaper was regarded as moderately German national and liberal , the Bozner Nachrichten was close to the then mayor Julius Perathoner .


The Bozner Nachrichten was a competitor to the much older and more traditional Bozner Zeitung , which had been published since 1842. The Bozner Nachrichten was published by the publishing house Gottfried Ferrari jun. which originally also owned the Bozner Zeitung . After this was sold to a publisher in Innsbruck, the publishing house began to publish the Bozner Nachrichten in order not to leave the advertising market and daily politics to the current competition.

After only a short time, the Bozner Nachrichten became the leading journal for the bourgeoisie in Bozen . Since the Bozner Zeitung pursued a radically liberal , aggressively anti-clerical line, the more moderate Bozner Nachrichten was attractive as an information sheet for a wider audience.

Report of the sinking of the Titanic , April 18, 1912

The Bozner Nachrichten was the mouthpiece of the Bolzano Mayor Dr. Julius Perathoner , who headed the city administration from 1895 to 1922. The bond with Perathoner went so far that the newspaper was popularly referred to as the “mayor's paper ”.

Shaping the journalism of the 19th century Tyrol was Kulturkampf between the liberal and liberal bourgeoisie and Catholic-conservative majority, which was based primarily on the clergy, the nobility and the rural population.

Despite the very moderate stance on religious issues, the Bozner Nachrichten was particularly sharply attacked by conservative Catholic circles. The daily newspaper Der Tiroler , which is also published in Bolzano , was an opponent of the Bozner Nachrichten .

In 1925 the Bozner Nachrichten was stopped due to the fascist Italianization policy and the abolition of the freedom of the press . The well-known local historian Karl Theodor Hoeniger acted as the last editor .


From 2004 to 2016, the official newsletter of the Bolzano municipal administration appeared under the title Bolzano notizie - Bozner Nachrichten . There is no apparent connection with the historical newspaper.


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