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Caofeidian ( Chinese  曹 妃 甸 区 , Pinyin Cáofēidiàn Qū ) is a municipality in the northern Chinese city of Tangshan in Hebei Province . It was founded on July 11, 2012 through the merger of the former Tanghai County with parts of the Fengnan District and Luannan County. The name goes back to a concubine of Emperor Lishimin, Taizong of the Tang Dynasty , who was called Cao Xian (曹 娴) and is said to have been a fisherman's daughter from Tanghai. She is said to have died here under tragic circumstances during an Eastern campaign by Li Shimin. The emperor had a temple built for them, the ruins of which are said to have been visible at the beginning of the Republican period (1912–1949). Caofeidian has an area of ​​1943.72 km² and around 220,000 inhabitants (2012 estimate). The municipality is located directly on the Gulf of Bohai and has a coastline of around 80 kilometers. It has important overseas port facilities.

Administrative structure

At the community level, Caofeidian is made up of three large communities . These are:

  • Greater community Tanghai (唐海镇) seat of government of the district;
  • Greater community Binhai (滨海镇);
  • Greater community Liuzan (柳赞镇).

There are also ten state farms and two state marine breeding farms.

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Coordinates: 39 ° 16 '  N , 118 ° 27'  E