Perfect Creature

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German title Perfect Creature
Original title Perfect Creature
Country of production New Zealand , United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Glenn stand ring
script Glenn stand ring
production Tim Sanders ,
Russel Fischer ,
Jason Piette ,
Haneet Vaswani
music Anne Dudley
camera Leon Narbey
cut Chris Blunden

Perfect Creature is a vampire film set in an alternative steampunk world. The film was shot and produced in New Zealand in 2006 with a budget of $ 11 million . The film opened in German cinemas on August 16, 2007.


The film begins 100 years before the actual plot with a pregnant woman whose unborn baby has been diagnosed with a genetic change: it is a vampire. The brotherhood takes in the child Edgar after the birth. With Silus, now ten years old, the woman had already given birth to another vampire.

100 years later, the action begins in the slums of Jamestown, where an as yet unknown serial killer has bitten a young woman's throat and killed her with it. The police officer Lilly Squires, who comes from the slums herself, is investigating the case. The only witness is a young boy. He reveals to Lilly that he saw that a member of the brotherhood, a brother , had committed the crime. The police are blaming the deaths on an ongoing wave of influenza to avoid panic.

Brother Silus is supposed to cooperate with the police because the other brothers know that Silus' brother Edgar is responsible for the murders. Edgar turns it into a game by sending Silus a recording of the last murder and the alleged scene of the next murder, thereby challenging him to find it before he commits the next murder. With Silus' help, Lilly puts together a task force to catch Edgar at the next murder. When deployed, Edgar attacks Lilly with a bite and then escapes. Silus saves Lilly by letting her drink his own blood.

Since Silus is soon to be promoted to the “inner circle” of the brotherhood, he should learn the truth about his brother Edgar: Edgar was part of a research team. Although genetic science was publicly banned, the Brotherhood continued its research in secret. The reason for this is that no vampire has been born for 70 years and a female vampire has never been born. Therefore the brotherhood fears for their continued existence. Edgar's researchers developed a virus that was injected into pregnant women and is supposed to cause the unborn child to mutate into a vampire. An unforeseen mutation of the virus turns women into violent lunatics. Ten researchers are already dead and Edgar has been infected. He too went mad and his hunting instinct awoke. Therefore, he is held captive in a spiked frame.

Silus visits Edgar, who announces that he wants to flee and murder Lilly. Edgar accuses Silus of being in love with Lilly, even though the brothers are forbidden to love. The night before Silus' cardinal ordination, Edgar escapes, killing several guards. With the help of the petty criminal Freddy, he wants to lure Lilly into a trap. Instead of Lilly, however, he catches another policewoman who he arrests and deliberately infects with his blood. Then he can kidnap Lilly, although she is guarded by Silus.

The virus is spreading rapidly in the slums of Jamestown, the source is unknown. The government declared the city a quarantine zone and ordered all people who want to leave it to be shot. Without warning the population, Jamestown is said to be burned down to prevent the virus from spreading. However, Silus finds out that Edgar is hiding in the Jamestown water supply and infecting the district's drinking water with his blood in order to spread the virus. Silus enters the quarantine area and follows Edgar to save Lilly. There is a fight between Edgar and Lilly. When Silus arrives, Edgar and Silus fight. Silus is badly injured. When Edgar tries to scald his face with hot steam, Lilly kills him from behind.

Silus leads Lilly out of the quarantine area. On the way he sends her to a house and instructs her to take what she finds there and to keep it away from the Brotherhood for all time. In the house, a brother gives her the baby of a dead mother. It is the first female vampire caused by the virus, and thus the first perfect creature ("Perfect Creature"). From now on, Silus has to live hidden as a traitor, but promises to watch over Lilly and the baby for life.


The film is an alternative world story with no real reference to time. The staging takes up many elements of steampunk: steam-powered cars in the style of the 1930s, airships and other steam-powered systems. However, more modern technologies such as radio equipment and genetic engineering also appear, which makes it difficult to establish a real time reference. The costumes and backdrops are based on the first half of the 20th century. Large sections of the population live in slums , and everyone has to take regular vaccines against the continually spreading influenza epidemics, which the landlords distribute to the residents.

At a time 300 years before the actual plot, gene mutations occurred in newborns in the slums of the lowest class of the population, so that many newborn males were born as vampires . These vampires have greatly increased sensory and physical abilities and can live for over 300 years. Initially, these newborns, deformed in the eyes of the people, were killed, later they founded the church, called the brotherhood, and took in all newborns with this mutation. The Brotherhood devotes its skills exclusively to protecting and helping people. In return, the churchgoers donate blood among the people, on which the brothers feed. However, the brothers never drink blood directly from the human body. In rare ceremonies, churchgoers also drink the blood of their brothers, which triggers visions and precognition in them .

According to the liturgy of the Church of the Brotherhood, the Brothers are a step in human evolution. Crossing the two races would produce the Perfect Creature. In religious instruction at the brotherhood, the children of the people learn that genetic research has been banned because it only leads to bad things, such as the recurring influenza epidemics. In fact, however, genetic research was banned so that people could not prevent the gene mutation that leads to vampirism, because since only male newborns are affected by the mutation , the brotherhood cannot generate offspring.


Perfect Creature with an estimated budget of 11 million US dollars made. The Otago region (including the cities of Oamaru and Dunedin ) on the South Island and the city of Auckland on the North Island in New Zealand were used as filming locations . Filming started on May 24, 2004.

Technical details

The film was shot with a Panaflex camera and Panavision lenses . The footage was recorded on 35mm with an aspect ratio of 2.35: 1 .


"The appealing horror film because of its" look "and its captivating will to style can wrest entirely original moments from the vampire subject, which is paralyzed on the plot level."

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