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SW is an abbreviation for:

  • Air Namibia , the flag carrier of Namibia's national airline, is based in the capital Windhoek according to the IATA code
  • Sandwedge , special golf club
  • Hose trolley , a fire engine
  • Width across flats for wrenches
  • Short wave , short wave , radio waves that are in a higher frequency range than the long and medium waves
  • Security guard, was an armed and uniformed civilian, but based on a military model, guard of the Republic of Austria
  • Software , non-physical functional components of a computer
  • Special vehicles, armored vehicles of the federal police and riot police
  • social home decor , simple 1950s furniture
  • Southern Winds (unofficial abbreviation), a former Argentine airline that was the country's second largest airline after Aerolíneas Argentinas in the 1990s and early 2000s
  • State forest , forests owned by the state, mostly synonymous with state forest
  • Star Wars , a heroic epic made up by screenwriter, producer and director George Lucas
  • Station Wagon , another name of station wagons -Karosserieform
  • Sportwagon , under this name (formerly also Giardinetta) the Italian automobile manufacturer Alfa Romeo sells the station wagon versions of its sedans
  • Stadtwerke , municipal utilities
  • Take-off winch for the winch launch of gliders
  • Southwest , cardinal direction
  • the Southwest postal district (south-west London ) (as the first letter of a postcode from the United Kingdom )

SW as a distinguishing mark on license plates:

SW as a distinguishing mark on small vehicle license plates in inland shipping:

sw is an abbreviation for:

  • Songwriting , "writing songs", teaching composition in pop music
  • Swahili (language) , a Bantu language and the most widely used lingua franca in East Africa, language code according to ISO 639-1

sw. stands for:

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