Saint-François Atoll

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Saint-François Atoll
Aerial view of the atoll, with the island of Saint-François in front
Aerial view of the atoll, with
the island of Saint-François in front
Waters Indian Ocean
archipelago Alphonse group
Geographical location 7 ° 7 ′  S , 52 ° 45 ′  E Coordinates: 7 ° 7 ′  S , 52 ° 45 ′  E
Saint François Atoll (Seychelles)
Saint-François Atoll
Number of islands 2
Main island Saint-François
Land area 0.196 km²dep1
Lagoon area approx. 40 km²dep1
Residents uninhabited
The island of Bijoutier
The island of Bijoutier
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The Saint-François Atoll is an uninhabited atoll in the Indian Ocean . It belongs to the Alphonse Group and thus to the Outer Islands of the Republic of the Seychelles . It was discovered on January 28, 1730 and named after Saint Francis de Sales (French Saint François de Sales ).

The atoll consists of two islands, the larger Saint-François island in the south and the smaller Bijoutier island in the north of the atoll.

  • Saint-François , reachable within 30 minutes by boat from the neighboring Alphonse Atoll , has an area of ​​0.176 km². The geographical coordinates are 7 ° 9 '  S , 52 ° 44'  O .
  • Bijoutier , accessible from Alphonse by boat at low tide, has an area of ​​only 0.02 km² and can be walked around in a few minutes. The geographical coordinates are 7 ° 4 '  S , 52 ° 44'  O .

The total land area of ​​the atoll is 0.196 km², the area including the lagoon, however, about 45 km². There are no natural freshwater springs on the islands. The fauna includes frigate birds and the blue crab .

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