List of Seychelles Islands

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Map of the Seychelles with individual groups and atolls

The Republic of the Seychelles consists of 115 islands and is divided into the Inner Islands , consisting mainly of granite stone , which represent the actual Seychelles, as well as numerous small coral islands and atolls, the so-called Outer Islands , which are spread over a sea area of ​​over 400,000 km².

Inner Islands

Map of the Seychelles, the "Inner Islands" in detail

Granite islands

Northern Coral Islands

Outer Islands

Southern Coral Islands


Alphonse group

Farquhar group

Aldabra group

  • Aldabra atoll
    • Grande Terre (South Island)
    • Picard (West Island)
    • Polymnie Iceland
    • Coconut Island (in the Aldabra Lagoon)
    • Euphrates Island (in the Aldabra Lagoon)
    • Malabar (Middle Island)
    • Ile aux Cedres
    • Île Michel
    • Île esprit
    • Île Moustiques
    • Îlot Parc
    • Îlot Emile
    • Îlot Yangue
    • Îlot Dubois
    • Îlot Magnan
    • Ile Lanier
  • Assomption
  • Astove
  • Cosmoledo - great
    • Menai
    • Île du Nord
    • Île Nord-Est
    • Île du Trou
    • Goëlette
    • Grande Polyte
    • Petit Polyte
    • Grande Île (Wizard)
    • pagoda
    • Île du Sud
    • Île Baleine
    • Île Chauve Souris
    • Île aux Macaques
    • Île aux Rats
    • Île observation
    • Île Sud-Est
    • Îlot la Croix

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