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Yacht spreaders

In traditional shipbuilding , the spreader is a wooden structure that provides fastening or deflection points for the shrouds on both sides next to the mast in order to brace the mast or mast section from its upper point to the two sides of the ship.

Sailing with several masts have several spreaders, which are named after the spars, which they support. So is the lowest which the topmast supported, " Marssaling ", with the name of the originally intended for military purposes masthead on the boom tip of warships in the 13th to 16th centuries derived. The next spreader, which is used to brace the Bramstenge , is the "Bramsaling". In the case of a separate royal stiff for the royal sails , it is called "royalsaling".

In practice- related linguistic usage, the term spreader was often omitted, instead only the name of the associated stem was used as the name of the spreader. If a more precise distinction was required, the name of the respective mast was prefixed to the name of the pole in the form of "Fockmars", "Fockbram", "Großmars", "Großbram" etc.

On large sailing ships , the extended spreader offered a walk-on platform for the crew members; on yachts the spreader is reduced to a strut, made of wood, metal or fiber composite material , depending on the rig .

Other spars to enlarge the supporting angle of shrouds and backstays are spreading and boom always named after the rope which they spread like the Jumpstagspreize that in some sailing ships the jib boom laterally attached Klüvergeien- or Klüverpardunenausleger that the bow on both sides near the anchor jib attached jib backstay boom or the ramming stick that spreads the ramming stay below the bowsprit . For sailors in the transitional period of the late 18th and early 19th centuries , blind rahes were sometimes lashed under the jib boom and used as a side arm of the jib days.


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