San Giovanni Crisostomo (Venice)

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The church and the campo
Seen from inside the church.
Sebastiano del Piombo Saint John Chrysostom between Saints Catherine, Magdalena, Lucia and John the Evangelist, John the Baptist and Saint Theodore , 1511

San Giovanni Grisostomo is a church in Venice's Cannaregio sestiere . The Teatro Malibran, originally named after the church, is located in the immediate vicinity .

The church is consecrated to the Eastern Roman Doctor of the Church and Bishop of Constantinople John Chrysostom .


The origins of the church in the narrow and densely populated Rialto district go back to the 9th century. The church was completely rebuilt in 1497 after a fire that destroyed many houses in the district, including Marco Polo's .

In 1488 Pope Innocent VIII granted indulgences to all donors of a sum of money for the reconstruction of the church . The building contract went to the Venetian architect Mauro Codussi , the work began in 1495. San Giovanni Crisostomo was the last of Codussi's church buildings in Venice. Codussi died in 1504 before the interior was finished. The church was consecrated in 1504. In the following years the street in front of the church was widened at the instigation of the Senate. The construction of the new campanile was not completed until 1590.

On February 26, 1918, Austrian troops fired at Venice and damaged the church facade.


Codussi designed a cross-domed church over the plan of a Greek cross. The building is brick-red plastered, the load-bearing and structuring elements, such as pilasters, friezes, roofing of the portal and window frames are made of Istrian stone. The interior is lightly plastered; here, too, load-bearing and structuring elements are set off in the dark gray typical of Codussi.


The church is decorated with several excellent paintings and reliefs by Venetian artists of the Renaissance. The marble pala in the presbytery is a Sacra Conversazione around the church patron John Chrysostom. It is one of the last pictures that Sebastiano del Piombo painted for Venice before leaving for Rome.

Side chapels of the churches contain altarpieces by Giovanni Bellini ( Saints Christophorus, Hieronymus and Ludwig von Toulouse , 1523) and the German baroque painter Karl Loth ( Death of Saint Joseph 1679). The Capella Barnabò was later added to the rich silk weaver family Bernabò de Catenariis di Montepulciano by a foundation. The relief of the Coronation of Mary made of white marble, a major work by the Venetian sculptor and architect Tullio Lombardo (1502), is also a family foundation.

The flat ceiling of the presbytery of the church was painted by Giuseppe Diamantini in the 17th century.

opening hours

Daily from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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