Earl of Bridgewater

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John William Egerton, 7th Earl of Bridgewater

Earl of Bridgewater was a hereditary British title of nobility awarded twice in the Peerage of England . The title is named after the town of Bridgwater in Somerset .


First award

The title was first created on July 19, 1538 for Henry Daubeney, 9th Baron Daubeney (also Daubeny ). He had already inherited the title of 2nd Baron Daubeney on May 21, 1508 from his father Giles Daubeney, 1st Baron Daubeney , which was granted to him on March 12, 1486 by Letters patent . His great-great-great-great-great-grandfather Elis Daubeney (around 1270-1305) was convened on November 2, 1295 by Writ of Summons in the Model Parliament and had thus received the hereditary title Baron Daubeney from today's perspective , which Henry de iure also 9. Was Baron Daubeney. All three titles belonged to the Peerage of England and expired on April 12, 1548 when the Earl died childless.

Second award

In the second bestowal, the title was recreated on May 27, 1617 for John Egerton, 2nd Viscount Brackley . He had been a Member of the House of Commons and Lord Lieutenant of various counties in Wales and the west of England. He had been on 15 March 1617 by his father, the former Lord Chancellor and Lord High Treasurer Thomas Egerton, 1st Viscount Brackley the title Baron Ellesmere , of Ellesmere in the County of Shrewsbury and Viscount Brackley , of Brackley in the County of Northampton inherited which had been awarded to this on July 21, 1603 and November 7, 1616, also in the Peerage of England .

The 4th Earl was a well-known court official of his time and also served as Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire . On June 18, 1720 he was promoted to Duke of Bridgewater , in the County of Somerset , with the subordinate title Marquess of Brackley , in the County of Northampton. Both dignities, which belonged to the Peerage of Great Britain , expired on March 8, 1803, when the third Duke died without a male descendant. The earliest title and the other titles fell to his second nephew John Egerton as the 7th Earl and finally expired on February 11, 1829 with the childless death of his younger brother, the 8th Earl .

List of the Earls of Bridgewater and Barone Daubeney

Daubeney family coat of arms

Barone Daubeney (1295)

Earls of Bridgewater, first bestowal (1538)

Egerton family coat of arms

Earls of Bridgewater, second bestowal (1617)

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