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Sander L. Gilman (born February 21, 1944 in New York ) is an American German scholar and historian.

Gilman is known for his numerous publications on German literature since the 18th century, on topics relating to the history of culture, sexology and psychiatry, Jewish studies and research on anti-Semitism and racism.

academic career

He was a Distinguished Professor of the Liberal Arts and Sciences and Medicine. At the same time he studied German at Tulane University and then in Munich and West Berlin. In 1968 he received the title "Doctor of Philosophy" from Tulane University. This is followed by teaching positions at Cornell University from 1969 to 1995, University of Chicago from 1994 to 2000, University of Illinois at Chicago from 2000 to 2004, St. Anne's College Oxford from 2004 to 2005 and Emory University Atlanta since 2005.

In addition to visiting professorships at home and abroad, he is a member of numerous academic committees and institutions.

In 2010 he edited the book Wagner & Cinema with the Korean director Jeongwon Joe at Indiana University Press, Bloomington ( ISBN 978-0-253221636 )

Current German-language publications

  • Jewish self-hatred . Anti-Semitism and the hidden language of the Jews, Frankfurt am Main 1993.
  • The clever Jews. About a stupid prejudice . Hildesheim 1998, ISBN 3-546-00127-3 .
  • Jurek Becker: Die Biographie , Ullstein Verlag, Munich 2002, ISBN 3-550-07559-6 .
  • The Jewish nose: are Jews white? Or the history of nasal surgery. In: Maureen Maisha Eggers , Grada Kilomba, Peggy Piesche, Susan Arndt (eds.): Myths, masks and subjects. Critical whiteness research in Germany . Münster 2005, ISBN 3-89771-440-X .


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