Santa Catalina rattlesnake

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Santa Catalina rattlesnake

Santa Catalina rattlesnake ( Crotalus catalinensis )

Subordination : Snakes (serpentes)
Superfamily : Adder-like and viper-like (Colubroidea)
Family : Vipers (Viperidae)
Subfamily : Pit vipers (Crotalinae)
Genre : Rattlesnakes ( Crotalus )
Type : Santa Catalina rattlesnake
Scientific name
Crotalus catalinensis
Cliff , 1954

The Santa Catalina rattlesnake ( Crotalus catalinensis ) is a species of rattlesnake that is found exclusively on the Mexican island of Santa Catalina . This medium-sized snake with a body length of around 60 centimeters is the only rattlesnake that does not develop a tail rattle .


The Santa Catalina rattlesnake is usually about 60 centimeters long and is very slim. Two color morphs are known. The more common form has a light to reddish brown basic color with dark, diamond-shaped and dark and light-edged spots on the back. A broad brown stripe leads over the eyes to the corners of the mouth. The second form is of an ash-gray basic color with dark gray spots on the back. The most striking feature of this species is the lack of a tail rattle, which always consists of a single horn ring.

distribution and habitat

Distribution area

The Santa Catalina rattlesnake lives on the island of Santa Catalina in the Gulf of California . This is a dry desert island, the vegetation of which consists only of sparse growing cacti and bushes.

Way of life

Like most rattlesnakes, this species is crepuscular and nocturnal and lives mainly on the ground. Occasionally the snake climbs into the low vegetation in search of prey and hunts lizards and small birds as well as their nestlings .

Snake venom

Little is known about the specific effects of the venom of this snake; it is believed to be similar to that of other rattlesnakes, especially the closely related red diamond rattlesnake ( Crotalus ruber ) or the Mojave rattlesnake ( Crotalus scutulatus ).


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