Shepherd's hour

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François Boucher (1703–1770): Pastorale

Schäferstündchen ( French heure du berger ) is an expression for an intimate erotic encounter that goes back to the bucolic poetry or shepherd poetry of the 18th century . The first occurrence of the term Schäferstunde in German is dated to 1711, while in the shepherd or shepherd poetry itself the term occurs from around 1740. The now common variant Schäferstündchen came up later.

In paintings, the shepherd's hour is often depicted as an idyll in the form of a pastoral .

“The sound of the lyre from faraway paradise, the sound of the
harp from pleasant stars,
I rush to pull into my drunken ear;
My muse feels the pastoral hour,
silvery tones reluctantly flee from your lustful mouth . "

- Friedrich Schiller : The delight in Laura

Ship name

L'Heure du Berger was also the name of the French frigate whose crew explored the island of Tristan da Cunha in 1767 .


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