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Sheep cheese (feta) as a meze

Sheep cheese or sheep cheese is cheese , mainly soft cheese , made from sheep's milk . Sheep cheese differs from cheese made from cow's milk primarily in its stronger smell and taste (see goat cheese ) .

Among the sheep's milk cheeses include Abertam , Beenleigh Blue , Bjalo Salamureno siren , Brebis Pyrénées , Brinsen , Klenczer , Kaschkawal , Etorki , sheep feta , sheep halloumi , Lanark Blue , Kefalotiri , Idiazabal , Manchego , Oscypek , Pecorino , Roncal , Roquefort , Siren (Bulgarian Сирене, Bulgaria, Schipka cheese, basically like feta), Torta del Casar and Valbreso.

Feta cheese is very often, but not necessarily, made as brine cheese . While it is in the former to the assignment to the type of milk is (sheep's milk, cow's milk, goat's milk) from which the cheese was made, it's the latter to the method of production (brine cheese, cheese , soft cheese , sliced cheese ).

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