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Schandeck (also Schandeckel ) describes in boat building with open wooden boats a longitudinal structure in the form of a horizontal ledge in cross section that extends around the whole ship. The Duden defines Schandeck in the sailor's language as “the plank that is on the very outside, laterally closing the deck and covers the frames ” and names the origin of the word “probably to (East) Frisian shamping = protecting, protecting”. If the deck without joggle is planked, the gunwale simultaneously assumes the function of the body of timber ( gunwale ). In addition to the frame heads, the cover, which is always made of hardwood , also protects the upper edge of the outer skin .

The term "Schandeck" is not to be confused with a level on the ship (deck), as it lies exclusively on the outer planks from above. In the later development of the ship, the railing is placed on this.

Meyer's Großes Konversations-Lexikon defined Schandeck in 1909 as:

“In shipbuilding, the outermost plank corridor of the upper deck , which forms the cover strip and closes the frames at the top; also the upper edge of a boat. "

- Meyer's Large Conversation Lexicon. Volume 17, Leipzig 1909, p. 691.

The Brockhaus' Kleines Konversations-Lexikon wrote in its entry in 1911:

"Schandeck, Schandeckel, plank on wooden ships that runs horizontally from front to back and covers the frames at the height of the upper deck."

- Brockhaus' Kleines Konversations-Lexikon. fifth edition. Volume 2, Leipzig 1911, p. 621.

The Brockhaus wrote in Volume 19 of the 24-volume work from 2001:

"Schan | deck [probably at (east) frieze. schampen> preserve <,> protect <], on wooden ships the plank walk of the upper deck, which closes the hull at the top. "

- Brockhaus' 24-volume encyclopedia dictionary. Leipzig 2001, study edition, volume 19, p. 235.

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