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Scheel von Plessen , also von Scheel-Plessen, is the name of the Danish- Holstein line (with the title of count in the primogeniture ; those born below bear the name of Plessen ) of the originally noble noble family von Plessen .


The name was created as a result of the marriage of the royal Danish Privy Councilor Christian Ludwig von Plessen on January 8, 1702 with Charlotte Amalie Skeel (from the Danish noble family Scheel / Skeel ) by adopting the name "Scheel von Plessen".

With the nationalization of German property in Denmark after the Second World War and the resulting loss of the Fussingø property , the right to use the Danish title Lehnsgraf and the name Scheel in Scheel-Plessen was lost, which the Holstein branches continue to use due to the Prussian count.


  • Danish feudal count and association of names and coats of arms with those of the Scheel as Scheel-Plessen , Primogenitur and linked to the possession of the Count of Scheel-Plessen'schen Precipuums established on April 10, 1832 , consisting of the properties of Fussingø (Denmark), Sierhagen and Wahlstorf ( Holstein) in Copenhagen on September 29, 1829 (patent March 6, 1830) for the royal Danish chamberlain Mogens Joachim Scheel von Plessen . The eldest son of the respective feudal count is entitled to the title of count from birth, the daughters are entitled to the title of countess . The other members of the family bear the title of baron or baroness .
  • Hereditary Prussian count status as Scheel-Plessen Charlottenburg April 16, 1888 after the Danish approval to use the name Scheel-Plessen in 1852 , linked to the possession of a Fideikommiss to be founded for (the second-born) former head president Carl von Scheel-Plessen .
  • Danish counts with feudal rank Bernstorff Castle July 17, 1895 (Prussian recognition Potsdam April 29, 1896) for the entails owner and chamberlain Carl Gabriel Graf von Scheel-Plessen, married to Louise, also born Countess von Scheel-Plessen, mistress of the Scheel-Plessen Precipitate.

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