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Scherenburg ruins
Keep of the Scherenburg ruins

The Scherenburg Festival on the castle ruins of Scherenburg in Gemünden am Main takes place as an open-air theater between mid-July and mid-August . The ensemble consists mostly of amateur actors and up to four professional actors . The 45-person theater ensemble had a record attendance in 2010 with 22,800 tickets sold. In 2016, 19,500 visitors saw one of the three performances.


In the years from 1909 to 1911 the first castle festival took place on the Scherenburg. After the termination, the restart of the Scherenburg Festival was continued in 1989.

From 1990 to 1995 the games were supported and organized by the cabaret “Spessartgrotte” Langenprozelten, in cooperation with the cultural office, since 1993 under the direction of the cultural office of the city of Gemünden and since 1998 by the festival association of the city of Gemünden am Main eV

The acquisition of a grandstand in 2002 and the purchase of a tent roof over the grandstand to protect against rain and sun in 2004 should attract more visitors, which was also successful.

After 15 years, Horst Gurski gave up the artistic direction after the 2015 season. His successor was Peter Cahn , who will take over as artistic director for the first time in summer 2016.


Playtime title title title
1909-1911 The key lady
1990 The key lady
1991 A Spessart fairy tale
1993 Rising of the Ghosts
1995 The inn in the Spessart
1996 Don Camillo and Pepone Pinocchio
1998 The visit of the old lady
1999 The merry women of Windsor Ronja the robber's daughter
2000 The captain of Koepenick Pippi Longstocking
2001 A midsummer night's dream The little witch
2002 The Urmel from the ice The happy vineyard
2003 Ali Baba The name of the Rose Nunsense
2004 The robber Hotzenplotz Dusty pink To the Weißen Rößl
2005 Jim button Judgment Day Figaro's wedding
2006 Kalle Blomquist Nathan the wise The Taming of the Shrew
2007 The jungle Book Ladies night The Geierwally
2008 Sams in danger The three from the gasstation The Brandner Kasper
2009 Amadeus Crash in Chiozza Tom Sawyers and Huckleberry Fins Adventure
2010 Arsenic and lace cap Michel from Lönneberga The broken jar
2011 Blues Brothers: On the move on behalf of the Lord The inn in the Spessart Robin Hood
2012 One flew over the cuckoo's nest The house in Montevideo News from the robber Hotzenplotz
2013 The blue Angel The Spanish fly Meister Eder and his pumuckl
2014 What you want The adventures of the good soldier Schweik Peter Pan
2015 Servant of two masters Ladykillers Pippi Longstocking
2016 The Feuerzangenbowle Charley's aunt On Saturday the Sams came back
2017 Don Camillo and his flock Kohlhiesel's daughters Ronja the robber's daughter
2018 Out of control Petticoat and mini skirt Pippi in Taka Tuka Land
2019 And it was summer Pension Schöller Jim Knopf and the wild 13

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