Schnabelsmühle (Hückeswagen)

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Beak mill
City of Hückeswagen
Coordinates: 51 ° 9 ′ 21 ″  N , 7 ° 20 ′ 9 ″  E
Height : 257 m above sea level NN
Postal code : 42499
Area code : 02192
Schnabelsmühle (Hückeswagen)
Beak mill

Location of Schnabelsmühle in Hückeswagen

The Schnabelsmühle was a high medieval ban mill on the Wupper in Hückeswagen , which developed into a cloth factory of the Eugen & Franz Schnabel brothers in the 19th century and was demolished in 1973 for the construction of the Wupper pre-barrier . Today there is a residential area in Hückeswagen and a restaurant that has since been demolished bore the name Schnabelsmühle.


The first documented mention of the mill as molendium quod est prope castrum huckingissuage ( mill, which is near the Hückeswagen Castle ) took place in 1189, when Count Heinrich von Hückeswagen pledged the income from the mill compulsion to Count Engelbert von Berg , who gave him the In return, granted a loan of 100 marks. As the count's ban mill, the farmers were forced to have their grain painted there. Another mention was made in 1507 when a Johann von der Hoen leased the mill for twelve years.

On April 20, 1822, Elberfeld's mayor Johann Rütger Brüning bought the dilapidated mill from the Prussian state, which had now come into possession, for 4,500 reichstaler and sold it to the brothers Eugen & Franz Schnabel in 1827 for just under 5,400 reichstaler. Since then the mill has been called the Schnabel Mill.

The Schnabel brothers expanded the mill into a textile factory and installed one of the first steam engines on the Wupper there in 1834. The water wheel was replaced by a water turbine in 1836 . In 1852 150 people found employment in the Schnabelsmühle. In the 1860s, according to a view of the factory, there were several production buildings, a machine house with a steam chimney and a gasometer at this location .

In 1907 the brothers Eugen & Franz Schnabel sold the factory to their cousins Cornelius & Franz Schnabel , who had also built a cloth factory a few hundred meters downstream. In 1952 some technical equipment was renewed, but then production stopped in 1970.

In 1973 almost all the factory buildings were demolished because the Wupperverband built the Wupper pre-dam for the Wuppertal dam at this point . The pre-barrier was inaugurated in 1976, the last building on the bank, the site at times in use as a scrapyard, was removed by 1987. From 1990 a new residential area with the same name was built at the Schnabelsmühle site.

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