Schwarzberg (Upper Austrian Pre-Alps)

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height 838  m above sea level A.
location Upper Austria , Austria
Mountains Enns and Steyrtaler Flysch Mountains , Upper Austrian Pre-Alps
Coordinates 47 ° 58 '46 "  N , 14 ° 28' 20"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 58 '46 "  N , 14 ° 28' 20"  E
Schwarzberg (Upper Austrian Pre-Alps) (Upper Austria)
Schwarzberg (Upper Austrian Pre-Alps)

The Schwarzberg is 838  m above sea level. A. high summit in the Upper Austrian Pre-Alps .

Location and landscape

The Schwarzberg lies between Ennstal and Kleinramingtal , on the border of the communities Garsten and Ortisei near Steyr .

It is a north-westerly foothill of the edge-alpine Spadenberg massif ( 1000  m above sea level ). The Spadenberg ridge runs east-west over the Plattenberg  ( 919  m above sea level ) to the Willeitenberg  ( 837  m above sea level ), the secondary ridge from this northwards over the Schwarzberg and Braschenberg  ( 787  m above sea level ) to the same The ridge of the Damberg  ( 807  m above sea level ), which rises above the city of Steyr , travels east-west again . These mountains are usually included in the Enns and Steyrtaler Flysch mountains .

The Dambach (Rädlbach) flows to the west with the northern side ditch Höllbach to the Enns (river) , where the Garstener village [Unter-] Dambach is located . To the east go two small trenches, Riedlgraben and Moosbach, to the Kleinkohlergraben in the Kleinramingtal, with the village of St. Ulrich of the same name.


The mountain is an easy pre-alpine hiking and mountain biking area.

The summit cross reminds of the flood disaster of 1959 in Dambach.

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