Black Tower (Publisher)

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Schwarzer Turm Verlag

legal form GbR
founding 1999
Seat Weimar ( Germany )
management Rochus Hahn ,
Michael Möller

Schwarzer Turm is a German comic publisher founded in 1999 by screenwriter Rochus "Robi" Hahn ( The Miracle of Bern ) and comic artist Michael "Mille" Möller.


The publisher describes itself as a "publisher for subtle storytelling" and is particularly successful with independent productions such as the erotic series Alraune and Arsinoë as well as the series about the hormone-disrupted rabbit Horst . Numerous other comics “made in Germany” appear under the label.

The author and publisher Hahn realized an experimental concept in 2005: from several interviews with prostitutes , he developed a large number of scripts, which were processed into the erotic and authentic series Whore Stories with the help of many German comic artists . There was also a collaboration with the Berlin prostitute association Hydra , which praised the series for its sincerity.

Panic electro

In addition, Schwarzer Turm has been publishing the Panik Elektro comics collection since 2003 , published by the Hamburg comic artist Wittek , in which works by up-and-coming German artists that have been determined in a competition are published. The subject of the first volume was autobiographical horror , volume two paid homage to the subject of superheroes & science fiction . Volume three was devoted to love stories , the fourth volume was entitled My greatest mistake, and the fifth was about disco .

Paper Theater

Since 2005 a manga section has been added. Similar to Panik Elektro , the Black Tower publishes a three-monthly series called Paper Theater , in which young German cartoonists from the manga sector publish their stories. Some individual volumes have already been published or are in planning. To them the horror anthology include 200g Hack , and the fairy tale anthology It was not once ... whose members were determined by a competition, erotic anthology Hungry Hearts (Issuer is Beatrice Beckmann) and the collection of Shōjo -Kurzmangas Blütenträume whose editor Natalie Worms cup ( Summer Rain ) is.

In the children's book area, too, a volume called Kulla was created by the illustrator Anne Pätzke , which will be reissued and continued by Tokyopop-Verlag.

Subway to Sally

In cooperation with the publisher Egmont Manga and Anime , a large anthology will be published in March 2008, which presents various song texts by the popular folk metal band Subway to Sally in comic form.

Headquarters and sales

The Schwarzer Turm Verlag is a company under civil law and is based in Weimar in Thuringia . He distributes his comics through Peter Poluda Media Distribution and the Internet .

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