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Swing doors, Fox Theater, Detroit , USA
Typical western saloon door
Single leaf all-glass swing door as a conclusion of the first class -area in a double-deck coaches of the DB 2015

A swing door (also swing door ) is a door that can be opened in both directions . It "swings through" and has no stop . In the closed position, it is usually held in a special hinge ( swing door hinge ) with the help of springs . There is no mechanical locking . The door can be opened easily by pushing or pushing it open. It usually consists of two leaves , so that the space required for the open door ("opening radius") is limited to half the passage width.

Technology and areas of application

Swing doors are used at entrances to frequently frequented buildings (such as train stations , official buildings, theaters , etc.) or as pass-through doors in passenger coaches , with a glass panel providing visibility and thus security against collisions. The increasing fire protection requirements and technical progress mean that now, instead of swinging doors, automatically opening (i.e. controlled by motion detectors ) doors (also with vestibules ), large revolving doors or air curtains are used in many public areas .

A common area of ​​application is also the catering industry , e.g. B. the doors between the kitchen and dining room , where such doors can be opened without having to set the goods. Here, too, doors that open automatically (mostly sliding doors ) are usually used today .

In industry and trade, light swing doors are mostly used, which are sufficiently tight thanks to elastic lips , whereby here mostly different requirements (hygiene, noise and dust protection) apply than in residential and business areas. Swing doors are a practical solution for forklifts and lift trucks , as these vehicles open and hold them open by driving in opposite directions without the need for a separate trigger or drive.

In the home, swing doors are used in shower cubicles , whereby sealing lips can prevent shower water from escaping. They are also used in wheelchair lifts.

Swinging doors are also known as saloon entrance doors in depictions of the Wild West .

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