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Scott Hampton (* 1959 in High Point , North Carolina ) is an American comic artist.

Life and work

Like his brother Bo Hampton, Hampton began working full-time as a comic book artist in the 1980s, after both had trained with Will Eisner , among others, in the 1970s . The first work Hamptons published was the six page story Godfather Death which Epic Illustrated published in 1982.

The series that Hampton has worked on since then include Batman , Black Widow and Sandman for DC Comics , as well as Hellraiser and Stark Trek for Dark Horse Publishings . Much of Hampton's works are artistically remarkable because he often does not draw comics, but paints, a technique that has only been practiced since the 1980s and one of whose pioneers Hampton is one of the pioneers: his work for the Silverheels series at Pacific Comics publisher 1983 are considered to be one of the first plants based on this manufacturing technique. The graphic novel Batman: Night Cries , visualized by Hampton in this way as a series of dark and melancholy scenes with an impressionistic touch, which carefully approaches the subject of child molestation, earned him and the author of this comic novel, Archie Goodwin , an award in 1993 with the prestigious Harvey Award .

More recent comic works by Hamptons, who lives with his wife Letitia in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, are Spookhouse , a series of scary stories published by IDW Publishing in 2004 and the One Shot Batman: Gotham County , published by DC in 2005.

In his private ownership ("creator owned") is the independent comic series The Upturned Stone , for the filming rights to which David Foster , among others , has applied. Hampton himself has recently emerged from a cinematic perspective as director of the independent film production The Tontine , which premiered in April 2006.

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