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Screw (for short, chopping and screwing ) is a remix technique of hip-hop music coming from the south of the United States comes from. A song (usually a hip-hop track) is played more slowly ( screwed in German, for example: screwed down), parts of the song are repeated several times and then processed with various DJ techniques - for example scratches ( chopped in German, for example: chopped up). Overall, a piece remixed in this way is called chopped & screwed .

The screw was invented by DJ Screw (real name: Robert Earl Davis, Jr.) in Houston , who made it popular on countless mixtapes during the 1990s . He died in 2000 - presumably from a codeine overdose . Today many dirty south rap records are offered in a chopped & screwed version in addition to the normal version.

The Screw and its subculture have a close affinity for the drug codeine . The consumption of purple drank (also: syrup , sizzurp , Texas tea ), cough syrup containing codeine, intensifies the surreal, hypnotizing effect of the screw (the screw itself simulates the effect of codeine in a certain way). Sizzurp is therefore often glorified in pieces of Dirty South Rap. The tragic death of the Godfather of Screw , DJ Screw, who probably died of a codeine overdose, symbolizes this close connection between drug and subculture.

In addition to chopped & screwed , slowed , SLABed (SLAB stands for slow, loud and bangin ' and is mainly used by the Down South record company Rap-A-Lot ) and flowed are common names. Screwed and chopped is also known under the synonym Dragged and Chopped, where dragged means something like to pull behind.

After DJ Screw made screwed up music better known with his screw tapes , other DJs also began to emulate him. The most important screw DJs today are DJ Michael "5000" Watts, OG Ron C and DJ Black. Today some tracks no longer appear at all or only appear later on mixtapes in the normal version (Three 6 Mafia - Rainbow Colors). German artists have also discovered and used the genre - for example the Berlin rapper Frauenarzt , who is known for sampling Dirty South music such as Three 6 Mafia (on almost every album there are corresponding songs, such as In den Mob from the album Der Untergrundkönig ). The 2CD edition of the KIZ album Böhse Enkelz contains a chopped & screwed version of the complete album Rapdeutschlandkettensägemassaker .

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