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system series step ≈ age ( mya )
higher higher higher younger
Paleogene Oligocene Chattium 23.03

Rupelium 28.1

Eocene Priobonium 33.9

Bartonium 38

lutetium 41.3

Ypresium 47.8

Paleocene Thanetium 56

Seelandium 59.2

Danium 61.6

deeper deeper deeper older

The Seelandium (also shortened to Seeland or Seeland level, less commonly also Selandium, English Selandian) is the middle chronostratigraphic level of the Paleocene in the history of the earth . It is therefore equated with the Middle Paleocene . In absolute numbers ( geochronologically ) the stage corresponds roughly to the period from 61.6 to 59.2 million years. The Seelandium follows the Danium and is replaced by the Thanetium .

Naming and history

The Seelandium is named after the Danish island of Zealand , where deposits of this level come to the surface of the earth in large areas. The stage was proposed by Alfred Rosenkrantz in 1924 .

Definition and GSSP

The limits have not yet been finally determined either. The end is tentatively defined with the base of the Magnetic Polarity Chronozone C26n. The beginning lies within the short magnetic polarity chronozone C27r. It is expected to be on the border of the foraminifera zone P2 / P3a or P3a / P3b. An official type profile (Global Stratotype Section and Point) has not yet been established by the International Commission of Stratigraphy (ICS).


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