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system series step ≈ age ( mya )
higher higher higher younger
Paleogene Oligocene Chattium 23.03

Rupelium 28.1

Eocene Priobonium 33.9

Bartonium 38

lutetium 41.3

Ypresium 47.8

Paleocene Thanetium 56

Seelandium 59.2

Danium 61.6

deeper deeper deeper older

The Ypresium (mostly shortened to Ypres in German) is the lowest chronostratigraphic level of the Eocene ( Palaeogene ) in the history of the earth . The level ranges in absolute numbers ( geochronologically ) from about 56 to about 47.8 million years. The Ypresium follows the Thanetium ( Paleocene ) and is replaced by the Lutetium .

The Paleocene / Eocene temperature maximum stood at the transition from the Thanetian to the Ypresian .

Naming and history

The step was named after the city of Ypres ( Dutch: Ieper, French: Ypres) in Belgium , near which the original type locality is located. It was first described by André Hubert Dumont in 1850. However, today's stage has little in common with the section of geological history originally designated by Dumont, it encompasses a much shorter section of geological history (Steurbaut, 2006).

Definition and GSSP

The base of the stage is defined by a change in the carbon isotope ratio ("Carbon Isotope Excursion"); the end by the first appearance of the foraminifera genus Hantkenina . The reference profile (GSSP = "Global Stratotype Section and Point") is the Dababiya profile near Luxor ( Egypt ).


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