Segugio Italiano (Wirehaired Pointer)

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Segugio Italiano a pelo forte
Segugio Italiano (Wirehaired Pointer)
FCI Standard No. 198
1.2 Medium-sized hounds
Origin :


Alternative names:

Wirehaired Italian Hound

Withers height:

Male: 52–60 cm.
Bitch: 50–58 cm.
Tolerance: ± 2 cm


Males: 20–28 kg,
bitches: 18–26 kg

List of domestic dogs

The Segugio Italiano a pelo forte ( it . For Drahthaariger Italian hound ) is one of the FCI recognized Italian breed ( group 6, section 1.2, Standard no. 198 ). It is closely related to the Segugio Italiano a pelo raso .

Origin and history

It is not clear where this breed originated. There are essentially two theories. On the one hand it is traced back to ancient Egyptian bracken , on the other hand to Celtic ancestors. The most commonly cited theory is Egyptian ancestry. In ancient Egypt they were used to hunt rabbits and were considered a status symbol for kings and pharaohs. Somewhat alienated, they can often be seen in ancient Egyptian images.

One can assume that these dogs were brought to Italy by the Phoenicians and formed the basis for the creation of today's Segugio Italiano. The anatomical features have remained almost unchanged over the centuries. In the Museum of Naples, next to the statue of Diana hunting, there are dogs of the Segugio Italiano.


Hunting dog , pack dog, companion dog

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