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Short-haired Istrian hound

Bracke is a specific type of hunting dog . In Georg Ludwig Hartig's textbook for hunters and those who want to become one (1812) it says about this dog :

"Its purpose is to locate all kinds of game by diligent searching in the forest or field, and to pursue it loudly until it is shot by the hunter or otherwise caught."

The required properties of the bracken that are listed there include, in addition to maneuverability and obedience, good search and barking (only) on the trail ("trail loud ").


The cynologist Hans Räber writes about the history of the name Bracke: “In all early medieval collections of laws, the 'Bracco' is mentioned among hunting dogs. 'Bracco' became the word 'Bracken', a designation that was used for bloodhounds until the 18th and in some cases until the middle of the 19th century. "


Bracken are similar to the hounds , which are mainly used for high hunting , but are usually smaller. The FCI leads the bracken in the section of the hounds in group 6. Bracken are mainly used for hunting small game , especially rabbits and foxes. However, they were also used in high hunting. While the term hunting dog is used in the broader sense for all hunting dogs, there is a use in the narrower sense as a synonym for hound. The Keltenbracke is postulated as the ancestor of the Bracken .

In the corresponding form of hunting, the brackish hunt, dogs are used to find the game and drive it towards the hunter.


Under the name Bracke , the following dog breeds are listed by the FCI in Group 6 :

The FCI group 6 includes the hounds, bloodhounds and related breeds (see dog breeds in the systematics of the FCI ).

In group 7 there are dogs of the Braque type . They are short-haired pointing dogs , so they stay silently at the game and do not follow it loudly like the bracken.

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