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Steinbracke (†)
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FCI Standard No. 280 (deleted)
1.3 Small hounds
Origin :


Alternative names:

Sauerland Bracke

Withers height:

35-45 cm


not specified

List of domestic dogs

The Steinbracke or Sauerland Bracke was a German dog breed recognized by the FCI (formerly FCI Group 6, Section 1.3, Standard No. 280 ). The breed became part of the German Bracke and was struck off their lists by the FCI in 1955.

"Steinbracke" originally referred to a smaller weight class within the bracken . The "stone" referred to the old unit of measurement of this name, which corresponds to about 22 pounds, or about 10 kg.


The Steinbracke was a slightly built, rather long-legged dog with an elegant build that was not elongated like a dachshund . On the top of the nose in dark-pigmented dogs, a lighter stripe was found in the middle. The tail was very hairy and thick. The fur was short, thick, stick-haired, red to yellow, with a black saddle. The dogs had a white blaze , white muzzle, white neck ring and white legs, tip of tail and chest.

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