Seigo Yamaguchi

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Seigo Yamaguchi ( Japanese 山口 清 吾 , Yamaguchi Seigo ; born April 13, 1924 in Fukuoka Prefecture ; † January 24, 1996 in Tokyo ) was a high-ranking Japanese Shihan of Aikido , who held the 9th Dan of Aikikai .


In his youth, Yamaguchi practiced kendo and kenjutsu . In 1943 he was drafted into military service. At the age of 27 he started to practice Aikido with Ueshiba Morihei . In 1958 he went to Burma , returned to Japan in 1960, where he taught in Aikikai Honbu Dōjō . Since 1977 he has also traveled to other countries to spread Aikido. He had a large following, especially in France. Important students are z. B. Christian Tissier , Philippe Gouttard, Gerhard Walter , Seishirō Endō and Yoshinobu Takeda. Masatoshi Yasuno, Takeshi Yamashima, Sobue Mitsuru, Atsushi Mimuro, Franck Noël, Bernhard Palmier, William Gleason.

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