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The Aikikai Honbu Dōjō in Tokyo

The Aikikai Honbu Dōjō - also Hombu Dōjō - ( Japanese合 気 会 本部 道場) is both the main Dōjō of Aikidō , in which the style of the founder Ueshiba Morihei is still taught today, and the headquarters of the Aikikai Foundation. Most aikidō practitioners refer to this dōjō, whose full name is Zaidan Hojin Aikikai Honbu Dōjō Tōkyō .

The Honbu Dōjō is located in Tokyo and was set up in 1931 by the founder of Aikidō, Ueshiba Morihei. The founding name of the Dōjō was Kōbukan . It is still owned by the Ueshiba family and is still at the same address, although the building has been completely renovated.

The new building took place in 1968 and has replaced the original wooden building with a five-story concrete building. In this new building there are three separate training areas with a mat area of ​​250 tatami (this corresponds to approximately 400 m²). He is the oldest aikidō-dōjō in Tokyo.

Currently teaching in the Dōjō, in addition to the Dōshū (道 主, master of the way ) and the Dojo-cho, 22 Shihan, all of whom are at least 6th Dan and eight Shidōin , who are between 2nd and 5th Dan. Internationally, the Honbu Dōjō currently has 24 representatives who lead the arts in the individual countries, such as Katsuaki Asai in Germany.

The Dan degrees awarded by representatives ( Shihan ) of the Honbu Dōjō around the world are confirmed by the management of the Dōjō. The continuation of the Aikido style is in the hands of the technical commission of this foundation and the respective Shihan. The aikido associations have no influence on the style of aikido.

Only an Aikidō association recognized by the Aikikai Honbu Dōjō can become a member of the IAF ( International Aikido Federation ).

Dōshū of the Honbu Dōjō

  1. Ueshiba Morihei , founder of Aikido
  2. Kisshōmaru Ueshiba , son of Ueshiba Morihei, after the death of his father on April 26, 1969
  3. Moriteru Ueshiba , son of Kisshōmaru Ueshiba, after the death of his father on January 4, 1999

It is expected that the current dojo-cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba will succeed his father Moriteru Ueshiba. He is currently addressed as "Waka (若) Sensei" (young or subsequent master) .

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